5 Tips to Make Your Employees 10x More Productive

1. Appreciate good work – You’ll be surprised how much a “good job” goes with some people.

2. Get to know each individual – I personally go on daily walk at least once each day during work hours. I usually invite one or two people for each walk. This helps me get to know people.

3. Encourage risk taking – Employees face decisions every day, encouraging this risk taking will not only make employees more confident and autonomous, but it will yield more output within a culture of innovation.

4. Give people freedom and autonomy – If people feel like they have to be doing their work in a particular way, have to wear certain things in the office, and can’t be themselves, they are going to be less happy and productive.

5. Invest in their development – A business is only as strong as their weakest employee. This doesn’t always require financial output, it can be as simple as opening lines of communication.

Pavel Krejsa start.co.th

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